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Thank you! See you in 2099!

April 8, 2024, marks the first time since 1806 Ohio will experience a total solar eclipse. A solar eclipse occurs when the Earth, the moon and the sun align such that the sun passes behind the moon.


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Why is this eclipse different?

So why is the Great American Eclipse as it is now being called so unique to Ohio and Sandusky County? The answer is that we are located in a very narrow band of totality where the Earth falls in the moon's shadow and experiences total darkness. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity will allow residents and visitors to witness the amazing sight of the moon completely blocking the sun, casting a shadow over the earth.
This shadow, or "path of totality," is only a 124 miles wide and travels across the earth's surface at over 1,000 miles per hour. In Fremont, Ohio, the path of totality will cross the city, offering residents and visitors the opportunity to witness this amazing event. During the eclipse, the sky will darken, and stars and planets will become visible. The temperature will drop, and birds and animals will become quiet. The moon's shadow will create a dramatic contrast with the bright sky, creating a unique and breathtaking sight.

The Sandusky County Convention and Visitors Bureau, along with local organizations and businesses, is organizing a variety of events and activities to celebrate the solar eclipse. From educational talks and workshops to outdoor viewing parties and festivals, there is something for everyone.

So mark your calendars and prepare for this once-in-a-lifetime event! The solar eclipse of April 8, 2024 is sure to be a memorable and awe-inspiring experience. Whether you're a seasoned astronomer or just a curious onlooker, don't miss this opportunity to witness the beauty and power of the sun and moon in perfect alignment.


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What is an Eclipse?

Eclipse Path of Totality


Shown above is the path of the "totality zone" which is 124 miles wide and crosses directly over Sandusky County.  This rare event will not happen again in this area until 2099.

Time and Duration by Location

"Duration" refers to the duration of totality and is expressed in minutes and seconds.

Video rendering of what the April 8, 2024 Solar Eclipse would look like from space.  This illustrates the alignment of the earth, moon and sun creating the celestial event known as a solar eclipse.

It is important to note that looking directly at the sun, even during an eclipse, can cause serious eye damage. To safely view the eclipse, it is recommended to wear specialized solar viewing glasses or to use a pinhole projector to project the image of the eclipse onto a surface. You can get a FREE pair of glasses at the Sandusky County Visitors Bureau, limit one per person. Available March and April of 2024.

Lady protecting her eyes with special glasses made for viewing a solar eclipse

Total Solar Eclipse Merchandise

Where can I view this event?

You can type in the "Find address or Place" 43420 or your zipcode and it will provide parks, fairgrounds and large outdoor public spaces that are open and available to the public for viewing the eclipse.


Where can I camp or stay in Sandusky County?

Find the perfect spot in Sandusky County to camp or choose from our comfortable hotel rooms. Please note that this event is expected to bring millions of travelers to Ohio and it is estimated that Sandusky County alone could have over 118,000 additional visitors for this event.  Plan early, all areas in the totality zones will have limited or no availability if you wait till the last minute!


Events Taking Place in Sandusky County For the Eclipse

Public Safety & Emergency Information

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Extensive planning has been taking place to make sure that emergency services and first responders are prepared to handle the extra demand for services.  If you have an emergency call 911.








Additional Information and Maps

This location is open year-round, dusk to dawn and can be visited by leisure travelers or booked as a group experience.  for group tours we typically combine with the Sculpture in the Village, tour and or a visit to the North Coast Veteran Museum,  both located in Williams Park, where the 9/11, Public Safety Service Memorial is also located.

The County Seat of Sandusky County is located:

  • 35 minutes from the Lake Erie Island Ferry in Downtown Port Clinton

  • 60 minutes to Cedar Point Amusement Park

  • 25 minutes from downtown Toledo

  • 110 minutes from downtown Cleveland

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