​Jaws With Paws (K9 Training)

Looking for a unique and unusual experience for your group?  Join us at Lynnwood Kennels for an unforgettable K-9 experience presented by retired police officer, Brian Woods.  Brian is an expert in police and military K-9 dogs and trains and sells this highly specialized pups all over the country!  Brian has trained dogs to sniff out drugs, explosives and even people but these dogs are also used for protection and can take down an assailant on command!  See just how amazing these K-9 animals are learn how they are trained for ​police, ​military, ​fire and rescue. See them in action and leave amazed at just how skilled man's best friend can be!

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Fremont, OH 43420

Booking Contact

Brenda Havens
Sandusky County CVB
712 North Street
Fremont, Ohio 43420
(419) 332-4470

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    Brian Woods is passionate about his dogs and loves working with groups to share his passion.  He uses his whitty humor to make the show as funny as it is informative.  While Brian is not open to the general public,  he does have a working relationship with the Sandusky County CVB and Brenda Havens, our Sales & Promotion Specialist, will be happy to assist with getting you and your group into this unique adventure. Call Brenda today to book your tour.

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