There are few places in the United States as full of firsts and fascinating adventures as Sandusky County. Quite possibly one of tourism’s best kept secrets, visitors will find adventure for the young and old alike. Our newest attraction is the Historic Sandusky County Jail and Dungeon, built before the turn of the last century, the beautifully appointed jail is like none other you have ever visited and the dungeon is a must see stop! Jailhouse Rock Dinner Theater

If your group would enjoy a unique dinner, make a date for them to enjoy the Jailhouse Rock Dinner Theater; bring your camera and be prepared to have some fun! There are hand painted glass windows more than 150 years old to enjoy, the boyhood home of General James McPherson to be explored, and of course the beautifully restored home of 19th President Rutherford B. Hayes that is not to be missed. Adventure awaits at the nationally known White Star Park Dive Quarry and a leisurely walk through Sculpture in the Village and the North Coast Veterans Museum is a perfect way to spend an afternoon.

mcph statue

Clyde, Ohio is the epitome of a small, but mighty town. Home to the largest Whirlpool manufacturing plant in the world, Clyde has been the site for two movies, an automobile manufacturer, the boyhood home of General James “Birdseye” McPherson and World War II Hero Rodger Young. Clyde was also the home of Sherwood Anderson, the author of the book “Winesburg” which inspired a book burning after residents realized he might have been writing about them.

Beginning in 2014, your group can delve into a Story Book Tour and take home their very own copy of this controversial book. Any group looking for an excellent meal and some wonderful entertainment will need to include the Strand Theater on the itinerary. Built in the heyday of the opera house, this remodeled and restored theater offers an intriguing venue which includes a multi-media tour of the history and delightful local entertainment. Sandusky County is a place where history is alive, where the ordinary becomes an extraordinary experience. So we want to know, have you seen Sandusky County Lately?

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