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Annual Arts and Wine Festival Brings a Crowd to Gibsonburg, Ohio

Publication Date : 08/20/2018 18:50:23

Author : Mandy Burris

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There are so many great festivals to choose from in our region, but the village of Gibsonburg (here in Sandusky County) has just completed their second annual Wine and Arts Festival, and personally I think that Sandusky County has something to look forward to as it continues to grow in the coming years! 

wine festival 

Williams park 1   

Gibsonburg’s Arts and Wine Festival took place in Williams Park. The park surrounds a lovely pond with a 1/3 mile paved walking trail around it. There were four wineries at this year’s event. They came from Findlay, Clyde, Helena, and Norwalk. For the entry fee of $15.00 you received a souvenir tasting glass and three tasting tickets. More tickets were available if you desired to purchase them. Several tickets equaled a full glass, so once you found your favorite via tasting, you could go back for more. The festival started at 3 o’clock in the afternoon and ran until 9 o’clock that evening. In talking to the staff I found out that the total attendance in the first year (2017) was equal to the amount of people they had in the FIRST HOUR this year! They said that it was busy the entire time. The wineries handled the crowds well, they moved people through the lines quickly. 

DD Smith Wines    Chateau Tebeau 2

There were interesting foods available via food trucks. A couple of them had bison, elk and alligator meat, while a food tent did pretzel bites and pretzel pizzas. My husband and I shared some alligator which was seasoned deliciously and very tender. (I enjoyed that little food adventure.) The wines were good, I went for the drier wines myself, but there was a great selection of fruity wines and sweet wines available. I saw that one winery even had apple wine this weekend, I heard good things about it, although I didn't try any myself.

alligator    Herb Dips

The crafts tents had everything available. There were seasonal and fun wreaths, glass art, hand sewn items, Christmas ornaments, and even a cow skull that was bedazzled (it was covered in pearls and rhinestones). I love seeing people's creativity in action. After walking through the craft tents (where we found an incredible egg box for our fresh eggs), we walked the trail through the sculptures. We really enjoyed the beautiful weather at this point in the festival, because the breeze and the sun made everything so pleasant. You could hear the music floating across the pond as you walked and took in the different sculptures that peppered the landscape. It was a truly beautiful and enjoyable experience.

Fused Glass    butt nuggets

Veteran memorial closeup

sculpture 3 

sculpture 4

A wine festival is a celebration of the science, production, and study of grapes (aka Viticulture). For wineries it presents opportunity to see how the public reacts to their wines, and helps to gauge the changing market. It also helps them to see how their competition is doing and if there are changes to be made. Wine festivals also present a great opportunity for owners and staff to hob-nob with other wineries and customers. Consumers on the other hand have a totally different set of advantages from going to a wine festival. They have the opportunity to not only taste their favorite wines, but to try something new without committing to a whole bottle. The festivals always come with great art and music in tow, so it’s a treat for all the senses.

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