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Fremont Farmer's Markets Offer Fun Events That Draw Every Age...

Publication Date : 08/02/2018 12:54:22

Author : Mandy Burris

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Fremont Farmer’s Markets begin in June every year, and run through October. June and July’s markets happen on the third Saturday of the month, and August, September and October’s markets are on the first and third weekends, so that farmers can sell more produce during the height of the harvest season.

Downtown Fremont has really amplified their traffic and vendor list when they added fun themes to their events! The theme for the July 21st market was “Go Green Garden” and the events were sponsored by Crown Battery. Crown Battery is a local manufacturer with a mindset geared toward supporting Sandusky County community events.

There were three main contest events that took place:

1. Fairy Garden competition - Participants could bring items from home, or purchase items at the market

2. Lawn Mower Parade - Participants were encouraged to dress up themselves and decorate their mowers; both push and riding mowers were accepted

3. Outrageous Garden Hat Contest - (think Kentucky Derby on steroids…)



As always the Farmer’s Market had an excellent variety of fresh produce. This market there were tomatoes, onions, kale, summer squash, zucchini, melons, sweet corn and much more! The farmers are always friendly and willing to give advice on cooking, storing and eating their produce. Some of the farmers even have produce shares available, so that you would get first pick of all crops. I heard for the first time this weekend that one of the farms has winter shares available for the first time this year! He says that lettuces are excellent and super sweet during the cold months. (For more information on the winter share of crops go to:, and look under the CSA tab.)


There were clouds in the morning and rain in the afternoon, but despite the weather there was a positive crowd in attendance and there were many excellent entries for the competitions. Each contest sported a handful of entries, and all of them were creative and fun to see.

The Garden Hat competition had some fun entries. There were fall and spring themed hats, and a hat that had toilet paper attached to it. My personal favorite was the dinosaur themed volcano hat! All the entries were so creative and I was very impressed.

The Fairy Garden Competition was interesting. There are so many different ways to go about putting together a fairy garden, so there was no right or wrong! There were large and small gardens, some featuring more plants and some featuring more furniture. My personal favorite was the garden that was created in a barrel looking vessel, which featured succulents, and striped grass. The décor in the plants included a house, a garden bench, fairy size planters and bird houses and of course a little fairy girl. Each entry had merit though, and they all created a different kind of feeling when you saw them.

Fairy Gardens

The lawn mower parade took place near the end of the market. There was a troy built riding mower that pulled a kiddy car and a wagon full of flowers, and a push mower that had been turned into a patriotic throne. There were several other mowers that didn’t have a theme. The kids enjoyed the parade which was routed around the downtown market itself.

Lawn Mower Parade

Fremont’s Farmer’s Markets are a fun time for the family, and it is also a great opportunity to buy fresh produce and score a few things from downtown’s many retailers. Our market’s themes have helped to keep things fresh and fun, and they have helped to draw a wider array of people to downtown Fremont.

Let’s stand together as a community this summer and support our local farmers and businesses. For more information on upcoming events, and markets in downtown Fremont please visit:

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