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Is Your Treasure at the Sandusky County Fairgrounds???

Publication Date : 07/20/2018 12:44:42

Author : Mandy Burris

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DSCN9224In our own backyard there is treasure to be found. The Sandusky County Fairgrounds hosts a Flea Market on the second weekend of every month. A Flea Market (or swap meet) is a bazaar type event where people can rent space to sell their goods.  At Flea Markets you can find all kinds of treasures (some you didn’t even know you needed). You will find anything from hand-crafted dresses to antiques and collectibles of all kinds. Our Flea Market always sports interesting characters and great finds. Today’s market was no exception. We spotted books, DVDS, neon and metal signs, and hand-crafted toddler wear. As per usual, there was also a great selection of unusual collectibles and antique finds. Now, granted today it was 90 degrees, so no one was really wanting to walk around outside (and I was certainly melting like an ice cream cone), so that probably had a lot to do with the lack of people at today’s market. According to several of the booth-holders, however, there has been a steady decrease in traffic over the years. It is up to us to continue a tradition of treasure hunting for antiques and encouraging the sellers to come back.

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Events like this bring people into our county to shop, eat, and bring revenue to many of our local venues.  Stop out and visit during the next flea market in September, you’ll be glad you did. For more information on our Flea Market and other events that take place at our fairgrounds please visit:


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