On Tuesday, ​March 19, 201​9 the Sandusky County Convention & Visitors Bureau will host our 2nd Annual "SHINING STARS OF TOURISM AWARDS BANQUET" at the Terra Neeley Center. The purpose of the banquet is to present 3 awards to people or businesses that in 201​8 contributed to making Sandusky County a better place to live, work, play or visit.  While you may not see it, there are thousands of tourists that visit Sandusky County annually and account for $​167.5 Million in ​Total Sales and generate over ​20.8 million in local tax revenue in Sandusky County alone!  Because tourist look just like locals, we are known as the "invisible industry" and our local economy depends on these outside dollars.

Many visitors to the area make their first impressions of our county based upon the "Front Line associates they meet when they first arrive to the area.  Maybe it was the front desk clerk at the local hotel or the waitress at a restaurant that went above and beyond to make their meal better.  Front line associates could come from anywhere,  gas station attendants, attraction gift shops, rental car companies, you name it. These folks put a face on our community and we need them to be friendly, accommodating, caring and to always make our visitors feel welcome.  Our community depends on it,  your job may depend on it!

This is why we are awarding those people or partners that go above and beyond with our shining star awards that will be given in 3 categories:

  • Tourism Partner of the Year
  • Tourism Ambassador of the Year
  • Frontline Associate of the Year
Our committee made up of local professionals will review all the nominations for "Frontline Associate of the Year"  and "Tourism Ambassador of the Year" and we will choose the winners along with appointing our "Tourism Partner of the Year" award.  Please use the forms below to submit your top picks or download and mail a paper nominations.  Must be received by March 1, 2019.

Frontline Associate of the Year:                       Tourism Ambassador of the Year
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Use this form for Frontline Associate of the Year:

Use this form for ​Tourism Ambassador of the Year:


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