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While most people know what the Visitors Bureau does to assist travelers with directions, making reservations and planning a visit to our ​area,  many do not know the many valuable services that we offer to local residents, organizations and businesses.   The Sandusky County Convention ​& ​Visitors Bureau is a bed tax funded agency that was created to help local businesses and residents by attracting travelers to our area.  Each traveler that ​visits our county brings with them outside dollars that help Sandusky County.  How you ask?  When these visitors eat in our restaurants, stay in our hotels, visit our stores and spend their money in Sandusky County our local community grows and becomes stronger.  Don't think tourism is Sandusky County matters?  Guess again,  a study conducted in 2014 by Tourism Economics determined that in Sandusky County alone tourists (anyone traveling 50 miles away from their home to our community for business or pleasure) generated $136 million in sales,  created 1961 jobs, generated 34.3 million in wages and contributed 17.9 million in federal, state and local taxes.  Your not a restaurant or hotel owner so it doesn't affect or help you?  Actually it does affect everyone, including YOU.  We live in an interconnected society, and while you may not be on the front lines of services tourists,  almost everyone can be linked back by secondary jobs that are affected by tourism.  For example,  you own a office supply store,  your sales are driven by the hotels that purchase the paper and office supplies to handle those visitors.  Accountants...they balance the books of those front line businesses. electricians, plumbers, construction workers etc,  they all are paid by work generated by tourism.

We also offer valuable services that can help community leaders, business owners and directors of organizations opportunities to promote your business and or events by using our marketing expertise. We offer anyone the ability to submit events to our websites "Calendar of Event" page where thousands of people monthly visit looking for things to do in our area.  We also offer some Co-op advertisement opportunities to those that can show us bringing people into the area will drive sales at other local establishments and have people staying in one of our local hotels.  Another great service is our annual visitors guide that is one of the best opportunities to get the biggest bang for your advertising buck because unlike most advertisers,  we work for you​, not generate profits to please shareholders.  All the money we charge is reinvested into distribution, printing larger quantities of guides and marketing.   We also have access to Ohio Tourism funds that match our spending sometimes dollar for dollar allowing us a unique opportunity that nobody else can offer.  
Did you know that each year we print and distribute over 40,000 copies of our guide and all of them end up in the hands of consumers looking to visit our advertisers.   

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